Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rule Seven - Women Like Chocolate After Lunch

Women Like Chocolate After Lunch

There is something to the chemistry of women that drives them to cap a meal with chocolate. Not all women, you may be saying to yourself, and so what? Grok this: there are things about humans in general that are so simple as to go unnoticed or too universal for us to easily identify, and this is one of them. It stands for all of them.

If you can find a way to casually feed a woman chocolate - feed her between five and fifteen minutes after she has just had a full meal - then you are gold. She will eat the chocolate in front of you and listen to whatever you have to say and it will be easier for her to see your point of view.

This is gospel you can apply practically. Go out and try this for yourself. The window you have is very small. Delay too long and the mood will have passed - the woman's thoughts will have turned to her figure. Offer too early and the need will not have manifested. Women! You can experiment with this on yourself. Use chocolate as a bargaining tool. Put a note next to your dental floss or your mirror compact so you read it shortly after eating. Would you like some chocolate? Well, would you?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rule Six - You're Not Missing Out on Anything

You're Not Missing Out on Anything

One of the worst feelings is that of exclusion. Not just for you, but for everybody. Everybody hates being excluded/the thought that they are excluded. Taking this further, a great motivator is this constant Grail chase. We need to have new goals; we need to strive to be happy. The hope that there are frontiers we have left to explore - that we will penetrate these areas which are excluded to us - some older people...this is all they got left.

And the young...forget snips and snails and sugar and spice. The young are made up almost entirely of clusion, both ex's & in's. That is why they are so easy to sell to.

The point is, you can make a lot of money by working and pandering towards feelings of exclusion and inclusion in the general population.

Knowing this will not help your hunger. It will not help you go to sleep at night after you've done the "mature" thing and left your pseudo-boyfriend at the sex party cos you've got work the next day. It will not keep your stomach from being queasy as you wait for him to reply to the text messages you've sent. It might not even keep you from roaming the streets at night, hitting up bar after bar in an attempt to coerce gifts out of Destiny.

But there it is...You're Not Missing Out on Anything.

Unless you black out. Unless you enter into a coma.
Otherwise, everything you experience is what you have experienced. How can you have something that you never had? Missing Out is only possible in a pre-fated world, one where all of our actions are determined by some unseen force that deprives us of free will.

You didn't "miss out" on watching your boyfriend take 8 cocks like a champ in an abandoned, yet temporarily dressed up warehouse. Instead you gained the experience of waiting by the phone, imagining him sharing intimacies with strangers he's never met before - in fact, if you've got any amount of imagination, what he's getting up to is probably nastier and more exciting in your head than what he's actually experiencing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rule Five - The Worth of a Man Lies in What He Puts into His Mouth

The Worth of a Man Lies in What He Puts into His Mouth

All things come together in the sign of Nourishment. As we are tubes that consume and excrete, it is only fitting that we give much attention to what people put in their mouths.

It is the way of things that creatures will consume one another, and man is a predatory creature. That said, is it right to consume meat without acknowledging that what we are eating had to give up its life for our meal?

Special awareness should be given to the consumption of mammals. Although the tastiest dishes are made from animals killed with great cruelty, these foodstuffs should be avoided. Animals that display a high enough level of cognition (dogs, pigs, cats, dolphins, mice, rats, other apes, monkeys, etc.) should only be killed and eaten under outrageous circumstances.

Watch how people eat. Does this person eat quickly, with his bowl close to his mouth like a peasant? Or does he leave his food unattended for long periods of time, like someone who is accustomed to plenty? Do they consume psychoactive substances to the point of excess for no discernible reason, or is every medication thought out in advance?

Further; does his interest lie in this world, or is he aspiring to be a part of something bigger than himself? What creative exhibitions does he choose to consume? Is he interested in being more aware of his environs, or does he want to dull himself to the world. These are all important touchstones by which one can discern the nature of those one is surrounded by.


Rule Four - Tithe


Devoid of context, our lives could be described thus; We are tubes that take things in, and excrete them out. The individual is a thing which changes one material into another. We turn food into shit. We turn pain and neuroses into Art. The individual is the transforming agent.

Akin to this cycle, we earn revenue, which we then spend on our wants and needs. As we earn, we must give ten percent back to our master. In my case, I give ten points of everything I make to Mr. Mordecai, and then since he is really me, this money goes as a buffer against personal overhead for general maintenance of myself.

Whoever your master is, set aside ten percent of your gains for Him, in recognition that this is income you have earned, the proceeds of a transformation you have endured.

Rule Three - Serve a Master

Serve a Master

There are things we can do for other people that we won't do for ourselves. If I made you a sandwich, I would toast the bread, grill the meat, dress it fully, and cut it into triangles. If I was making the sandwich for myself I would be tempted to eat the meat and cheese out of the deli-pouch and forgo the niceties. If I instructed you to kill a nun, you would be more apt to comply if I was threatening your daughter with some awful fate.

The real question is: how does one get to the place mentally where they are forcing people to do dreadful things like brutally raping and killing nuns when most people won't even make a proper sandwich for themselves?

The answer is: Serve a Master.

In our contemporary times the left and right hemispheres of most individual's brains work together through the corpus callosum, and so the contemporary vision of the Godhead is presented in this way. Thousands of years ago this wasn't the case. Most people secured their primary sense of identity in one hemisphere, and would hear the intrusions of the other hemisphere as DIVINE INSPIRATION.

There is a way to awaken the Godhead within you, and by serving it to also serve your own self-interest. You can also use it to revel in any number of pre-established gods. The choice is yours. I serve a man named Mr. Mordecai, who is also myself. Every action of every day is an act of devotion to my lord and master. This willfull bit of schizophrenia allows me to push myself further than I normally would, especially in the absence of working for people who are in any sense inspiring.

Individuals who do not know how to serve are ultimately of little value. Their expectations of the world are more likely to be at variance with reality, and if a person like this is your leader then you will need to work extra hard to project any meaning into your actions.

Whatever your master is, serve it well.
No one suffers a lousy servant gladly.


Rule Two - Smoke Your Own Cigarettes

Smoke Your Own Cigarettes

The primary message is that no one likes a bum. Not really. People will use a bum occasionally, to make themselves feel better, but really: Neither a bum, nor a bum enabler be.

In the WWII internment camps, prisoners would occasionally procure cigarettes which they could then use as bartering devices. Consequently, a man who was smoking his own cigarettes was one who had given up on living. That's pretty heavy stuff. The least you can do is be aware that each cigarette you smoke is your own and does not come without cost.

You may very well be living near bum level. You may, in fact, be a bum. To compensate for this it is vital that you not be looking towards others for your tobacco needs. Being a complete unit that is not dependent on others is key. Bum the important stuff, but supply your own day-to-day.

If you are a smoker it is also important that you know how to make a cigarettes from loose tobacco and paper. People who smoke and don't know how to roll their own are usually intellectually feeble or have no Will.


Be a person whose needs are tidy. Don't look to your friends for chap stick. Keep yourself in gum. Be able to entertain yourself. Prepare for the moment when you are out of cigarettes, and have more at the ready or know you will go without. All of these - an awareness of one's own needs - are implicit in Mr. Olivier's Second Rule. - trst

Rule One - Know Where Your Bag Is

Know Where Your Bag Is

First, your bag can be almost anything. Myself, my generic bag is a Lithuanian gas mask bag, and my backup generic is a Belgian gas mask bag. They are an appropriate width for any standard size trade paper book, and I find them to be convenient and durable in any environment, urban or pastoral; after all, they were designed for war. Depending on the circumstances I am also prone to carrying a book bag, a laptop bag, a bike messenger bag; regardless - no matter what bag I have this is always true: I know where my bag is. This may seem like a small thing, but the truth of the matter is that if you can not master this basic rule then you must needs be a Great Beauty or the life you have ahead of you will be nothing but Doom and Despair. And also know this - Beauty Fades.

Your bag doesn't even need to be in bag form. Bag is just a convenient way of grouping together those items that are important for the Identity you are currently assuming to carry. Many of these objects will be no different than the objects carried by any number of other individuals, but these are different in so far as they are yours. If you can fit it all in your pockets, then more power to you. Indeed, sometimes it will make more sense to go sans sac. Just know where your bag is. Have an awareness of your bag. To this end, a list is supplied of what should make up your bag. You need not carry these things on your person every moment of the day, but why not have them at the ready? Who knows what might happen? It only takes a second to check for your keys every time you walk through a threshold, and although that might be exhausting, compare against potential hours spent waiting outside your apartment, inappropriately dressed, because you were "just taking out the trash."

1. Something with which you can make fire.
2. Something with which you can write.
3. Something which you can write upon.
4. Something which contains the permissions related to your identity.
5. Something which identifies your identity.
6. Something which you could read for at least an hour.
7. Something which cuts.
8. Any accessories and provisions as appropriate.
9. Twenty dollars USD that you never spend.
10. Two pairs of latex gloves.

There is another sense of "bagness" that should be discussed. Your bag is who you are, and your Bag is who you are. It is what you are interested in, and where your appeal lies. You should know your bag, and where it is at, but that is a lesson to be expounded on down the line. In the meantime, always have your ID on you, take your keys with you when you leave the apartment, and know where you bag is.


Due to the importance placed on keeping one's keys about them, it seems like #4 should be #1, and yet the first Component of Bag we are given is related to fire making. What moves the Divine Hand so? - trst